Airlines Into Dubai International Airport.

There are many airlines around the world that fly into Dubai as you can imagine. Dubai’s International Airport is undertaking a major upgrade to satisfy the demand of incoming flights as well as outgoing flights. The airport expansion programme outlines that the growth is needed, to satisfy the projected growth from 60 million to 90 million passengers per year by 2018. As well as passenger growth, cargo forecasts are estimated at being in the region of 4 million tonnes by the year 2020.

The expansion cost has been put at nearly $10m, which will be used to provide more flight schedules by Emirates and Flydubai Airlines.

Emirates are prevalent in the airport with them being the national airline and having their own terminal. They operate a huge fleet of Boeing and Airbus aircraft. The huge A380 aircraft which is fast becoming their main form of aircraft, this has the capacity to seat over 400 passengers on its double deck layout. First class and business class passengers are treated to luxuries such as flat bed business seats, a lounge area complete with bar and even the ultimate luxury of being able to have an invigorating shower, whilst cruising at over 40,000ft high.

Flydubai airline operates local low cost flights to around 43 destinations predominantly in the Middle East, and is also based at the airport from terminal 2

Some of the main airlines that provide flights into Dubai are as listed below.



Virgin Atlantic is one of those airline companies that will just take your breath away. From the smart red iconic 60’s style uniform, through to the little extras that are provided on board the flight.

Economy seats does not mean poor quality, as the comfort of its passengers is still a priority, as well as a level of service that would put many cheaper airlines to shame. With your personal TV screen where you can view films, TV channels and documentaries plus a games console means everyone is catered for.

The seats in the Premium Economy are the biggest available in its class. The seats are wider than most with more legroom you get to relax in comfort.

Upper Class tickets allow you to choose your meal time when you want it. Multi directional 10.4” TV screen and a personal laptop power supply, you also have use of the opulent bar in the upper class area.

The exclusive Upper Class Suite Cabin, is an award winning flight accommodation, which is like being in a hotel suite, and is best described as an office and a bedroom. Your seat at a touch of a button flips itself over to turn into a large flat bed. The suites are equipped with a table and power supply for your laptop, whilst your leather chair allows you recline in comfort, and your ottoman acts as a spare seat for a guest.  An office in the sky is the perfect way to travel for businessmen and women.


British Airwaysshapeimage_54


British Airways is one of the most recognised airlines in the world, offering unparalleled service to Dubai. Their aircraft are regularly updated with some of its current fleet offering a high degree of comfort, with Club World Seating offering 25% bigger seats which also convert into a fully flat bed. World Traveller Plus provides larger seats with 7” more legroom, adjustable headrest and the seats reclining further back.

The in flight meals provided have undergone many changes in the past years, this was done to get away from many people’s views of traditional in-flight meals.

The classes of travel are Economy, Premium Economy, Business/Club and First Class.

At your fingertips you can choose from over 100 films and TV channels as well as over 50 music cd’s and audio books.

During your time on the aircraft in flight, you will be sure to receive the best of service from the team of experts, the BA flight crew. They are constantly on hand to ensure that you are comfortable, fed and provided with liquid refreshments which are all complimentary during your flight.

BA is also fully committed to providing a worldwide package of holiday bookings.


Emirates Airlinesshapeimage_54



Emirates Airline flies direct to Dubai from well over 62 countries around the world. Emirates provide three different flight options, being First Class, Business Class and Economy Class. The cabin layout options are varied, and focus on comfort and luxury for its passengers.

Emirates are currently the largest buyer of the new Airbus A380 featuring such splendours as Private Suites, Spacious Onboard Lounge, Onboard Spas and even Showers.

All of its seats throughout the flight include as standard. ICE which stands for  (Information, Communication and Entertainment) is Emirates in flight entertainment which is via your personal TV screens built into the headrests in front of you.

ICE provides you with over 500 entertainment channels, and up to 40 interactive video games that will keep the children amused during the hours of flying. Your headrests and footrests are adjustable.

Depending on which aircraft your flight is on, the Business and First class seats offer various luxuries including seats that recline to sleeper beds, private suites, and 6 course meals.




Etihad airways were established in 2003. They are a relative newcomer to the flight industry in comparison to other airlines. However, it is fast becoming one of the most recognised and preferred airlines to travel with.

The airline has already won accolades for its customer service as well as being appointed the ‘World’s Leading Airline’ at the World Travel Awards in 2010.

The airline is the leading premium airline brand in the world and the national airline of the UAE. The distinctive airline has over 56 planes in its fleet operating over 1,000 flights a week through 43 countries.

The airline showed its commitment to the industry in 2008, by signing the largest commercial order in the UK at the Farnborough air show. The order was to take delivery of various Airbus and Boeing aircraft. The order totalled 100 aircraft, with options to purchase another 100.

Although its base is at Abu Dhabi, a huge number of inbound and outgoing flights happen in Dubai’s airport.

There are three travel classes offered by Etihad: Diamond First Class, Pearl Business Class and Coral Economy Class.




Flydubai’s fleet of aircraft are the next generation Boeing 737’s which offer ergonomically-designed seating by Recaro. Recaro is renowned for its car seats that are custom made, providing body hugging comfort and safety.

This new generation plane is bright and airy giving a relaxed feel to the cabin, as well as also having a redesign of the seat pocket, which is located at the top of the seat to allow you more leg room. Your seats can be selected when you book your flight online or at the check in desk, or be allocated to you by the staff.

Enhancements can be selected at the booking desk or online, such as having extra legroom which can be requested at an enhanced cost.

Being a budget airline a basic seat will be provided at a basic price. The more extras requested that are available resulting in an enhanced cost.

Food on the flights are generally branded snacks, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. The longer flights of more than two and a half hours, have hot food provided, obviously at an extra cost, these can be pre booked and will generally be of an international flavour.

Flydubai proves that budget doesn’t mean flying like you’re in Cattle Class.




Qatar Airways is recognised as a 5 star airline by Skytrax. Travel First Class and you are met with the option of a flying office style seating plan, with a flat bed type accommodation with a feather duvet to help you sleep well. Your meal is an extensive and exclusive ten course meal with a menu including lobster, caviar and Arabic mezzas accompanied by delectable chocolates, champagne and some of the finest wines available from the airlines own cellars.

The Business class seating provides a 15.4” in-flight touch screen entertainment centre, with a possible 770 audio and visual programs. With fine dining on demand coupled with an array of fine wines and champagnes, a bed that folds flat to 180 degrees complete with 8 built in massage settings, along with a built in power supply.

With the Airline being predominantly an Upper Class Airline, Economy Class seating is provided on a 5 star journey, featuring more space and comfort than on other airlines. The airlines state of the art Oryx entertainment centre, which is located in front of you on a 10” screen in the headrest, where have over 150 movies, 500 audio cd’s and a number of interactive games at your disposal.