Alta Badia Bar


High in the sky at over 1024 ft up, in the space age looking building of the Emirates Towers is Alta Badia bar, and what a view you get at 51 storeys high, looking lovingly over the city of Dubai and the gulf of Arabia which gives you a sense of importance among the upper class people that surround you.

The bar serves an impressive array of over 200 cocktails mixed by professional bartenders, who seem capable of memorising the swanky cocktail menu and not having to look or ask what is in that drink. A speciality is the 51stfloor house cocktail. Also offered at the bar are vintage cigars that the men generally smoke which fills the air with an impressive Cuban smell that is wafted away through the air conditioning that is thankfully permanently switched on.
Jumeirah prides itself on providing the best staff with the best training as this is what is expected of their consistently high standards.

If you want the best then the best comes at a price, but we think that the view and the standards on offer at this venue anyone can justify treating themselves to a visit to Alta Badia.  The standards of dress code state that men must wear collared shirts and casual trousers with full fitting shoes.