Bar 44


As with most named bars the name signifies where it is or in the case of a city of skyscrapers the floor that the bar is located on.   Bar 44 on the 44th floor of the Grosvenor House Hotel has an chic upmarket New York lounge vibe to its design. There are 44 different champagne varieties on offer and cocktails to beat all cocktails, try one of the unusual cocktails, Chocolate Laced Peach Martini.   You will also find a pianist playing live Jazz and Blues.

Bar 44 is an enormous area of deep leather bucket chairs and intimate seating areas, surrounded by floor to ceiling windows which give panoramic views of the city including, wonderful views of Jumeirah’s palm-shaped island and Dubai Marina, which is a great way to chill out with a cocktail or two served by staff that are obviously trained to the highest standards, and with speed of service that means you wont have to wait too long for your refill. Whilst not the cheapest establishment to buy a drink in Dubai people are happy to get in a lift and travel 200 metres up to come here night after night, why?…    Because its one of the best bars in Dubai, thats why.