Chillout Bar

There may be no better way to escape the searing summer heat in Dubai than a visit to the Chillout lounge, a chilling subzero experience.

If you are feeling the extreme heat of summer in Dubai, there is a great way to cool down. “Chillout” in the lounge of the ice bar in the new Times Square Centre shopping mall. The owners of the “Chillout Bar” say it is popular with both tourists and residents.

Almost everything is made out of ice. 40,000 tons of it! Diners will sit on ice benches or chairs with cushions to soften the shock of the extreme cold, eat at ice tables, off of ice plates, drink from ice glasses served from a bar made entirely of ice. The floors however are made from anti slip ceramic.

The entry fee charged, entitles you to a free drink and the use of a fur lined hooded parka jacket, disposable woollen gloves and insulated shoes to make your stay a pleasant one. It is recommended that you do not stay longer than 40 minutes, as temperature is set to minus six degrees Celsius.

The Chillout Bar serves cold appetisers and alcohol-free drinks known as “mocktails” in mugs made of ice. It even has an ice gallery showcasing Dubai’s landmarks and leaders. The sculptures have diffused lighting filtered through the blocks of ice which change colour giving a “scattered” spectacular look.

The 2,400 square foot restaurant has three areas. The lobby and the lounge areas are separated by an acclimatisation area known as the Buffer Zone. This is where guests are supplied with the “protective thermal wear” previously mentioned, it is recommended to spend at least 5 minutes in here to get used to the cold.