Boudoir Dubai

Enter this bar as a couple and smartly dressed or you may not get in. Once inside this venue it will remind you of a French upper class chateau in the 1950’s draped in velvet, crystal chandeliers adorning the ceilings, oil painting scattered along the walls, rich materials and plump cushions accompanying the suave sofas.

Money seems no object to this expensively styled bar, reminiscent of the renaissance period of well to do French aristocracy when money was no object and played no part in the design. Boudoir is a unique bar in Dubai, which is easy to see why it is so popular.

This is a bar you must visit with its capacity set at 400 people, set in the Dubai Marine Beach Resort which opened in December 2003. This hot spot has more popular with the celebrities, the city’s elite and wealthy business men making a run to this bar. The clientele are mostly Lebanese with a mix of holiday makers wanting to taste this venue. This is partly due to the popularity and constant improvement of the sound systems and the feel to this place with its rich colours of decor and being “THE” place to be seen at. The sound system is as good as it gets in Dubai with the top rated DJ’s playing this place and filling the air with hip hop, funky house and up to date pop and rock music along with the local up and coming pop music.

Boudoir is fashionable, trendy and chic and that all too well describes the clientele that come here as well. Such is the success of this venue it is almost the first place people want to visit when coming to Dubai. Reviews in the world’s top bars charts rate this place highly which adds to the reality of people wanting to come here and see for themselves what the fuss and vibes are all about.

You will leave this place with that lovely comfortable feeling in your stomach, after arriving with butterflies in your tummy anticipating what you were about to experience similar to how you feel before going on a blind date. This is definitely worth visiting and the wait is well worth waiting for.