Cavalli Club

Of the decision to open the Cavalli club in Dubai, Roberto Cavalli said…. “Cavalli Club is a totally unique space for people to socialise, shop and dine in extravagant and opulent surroundings – the architecture, furnishings, and the interiors effuse luxury and exclusivity; each area in the space creates an atmosphere rich with exciting shapes, structures, and precious materials. This is my first club in the Middle East and I am extremely proud to be hosting the official opening of this exciting new venue in Dubai.”

The Cavalli club is found by a private entrance at the luxurious Fairmont Hotel. You will feel like a star when walking on the red carpet to the club, in between the velvet rope which sets the tone for your evening as you pass the boutique with unique RC accessories on sale.”Beautiful but expensive” is what the Cavalli club is described as, by the Italian owner Roberto Cavalli. His rumoured investment in this venture was $30m
The Cavalli Club has a capacity for 1,500 people. Inside the club it is adorned with Swarovski crystals embedded in the six metre-high walls that are lit up to show the crystal glare, from the ceilings are crystal chandeliers and the sparkle doesn’t end there, for the black quartz floor was glaring as much as the crystal.

The ‘RC’ insignia is very prominent around the club, from the curtains to the vodka bottles and adorned on the tables, so much so that you will have that initial etched in your mind long after you leave the club
Only the best DJ’s will perform music that ranges from pop flavoured hip hop to electronic and house music on a suspended platform joined by dancers
On the upper level of the club you will find sensational food from an Italian restaurant and a wine bar at one end of the floor and a sushi bar on the other end, next door to that is the lounge and dance floor.