Rooftop bar

The Rooftop Bar

The Rooftop terrace and sports lounge.

Found on top of the rather plush One&Only Royal Mirage is the palatial Rooftop bar. Open daily from 5pm through to 1am this outdoor terrace bar area allows you to take in the dramatic 65 acres of manicured lawns and private beachfront, whilst enjoying live worldwide sporting events. This bar sits upon the hotels Arabian court where you are treated to spectacular views of the skyline and the night stars.

Don’t be put off by the name which implies the bar area is totally sports orientated, the sports bar has a number of screens that stream live sports and is located separately from the terrace. The main attraction of this location is the atmosphere of the outdoor area that is set out to be enjoyed, the terrace is located above the sports bar on the next floor that is accessed via a flight of stairs.

Although Dubai has more than its fair share of outdoor or rooftop bars, not many of them can be as attractive or can boast such stunning views of the Arabian Gulf and Palm Islands. Taking in the views is a comfy affair here with the tables and chairs accompanied by an array of comfy cushions, or you can lounge on beanbags or inside the fabric draped nooks o relax yourself with a drink or two. This bar is nicely decorated with lanterns, oriental carpets, candles and bespoke tin drum tables, along with a number of authentic Arabian shisha pipes dotted around the bar. Despite the fact that this bar serves cocktails and other good quality drinks at premium prices, the scenery and atmosphere certainly makes the experience well worth the slightly inflated costs. The actual bar is circular and in the centre of the terrace and there is a large central dome that is lit up at night which makes a great centrepiece that has plenty of seating around it. Oriental mezzehs are served late into the night until closing time,  which can be enjoyed while listening to the chilled out Arabesque music or live performances that take place from time to time on scheduled days.

It is advisable to arrive early as it is common to find that the best tables, which are at the edge of the terrace get snapped up quickly due to the reputation of the stunning views.

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