Voda Bar

shapeimage_54We are all for a bit of eclectic mixing right, but surely Baroque Ceiling’s, Austin Powers 60s Chic pulled together by Uber Modernism is a step three far!… Well it turns out its not.

Crisp white tones are chilled even further with a cool mix of blue hues all designed to cocoon you in this time capsule of wonders.  You might find yourself with a brief dread every time you see one of the 60s icon Globe Chairs turn around, as you are expecting it to contain a bond-esque villain stroking a cat.

We are massive fans of this club however we believe that Lionel Richie might not be so much of a fan as there’s no chance of him being able to dance on the ceiling here as its covered in ornate detailed white picture frames housing the afore mentioned Baroque artwork.

This is one of the most unusual and chic bars you could wish to visit, with a great vibe thanks partly to its funky mixed crowd of Bling and Elegance. And the trip down the rabbit hole doesn’t stop there as if you dare to move through the floor to ceiling crisp white voile curtains to the outside veranda you will find yourself instantly transported back in time to the Ottoman Empire overlooking spectacular glistening pools and manicured gardens as the Voda bar is housed at The Zabeel Saray Hotel on the Palm.   Mad, Mad, Mad… but oh so wonderful.

The music is also a bit of a mix with everything from Daft Punk and other techno hits with classic club tracks from Prince & Justin Timberlake.

Voda is worth the trip out to the Palm in its own right, add to that a myriad of dining options available at the Zabeel and you have the perfect recipe for an incredible night out.