Dubai Bus

A massive amount of bus schedules are run by the RTA. 734 bus schedules served by 79 bus routes, provide the public with the transportation needed to cope with the daily demands of the passengers needs in Dubai. The operation transports in excess of 250,000 passengers a day. The RTA alters the bus routes and number of buses on Fridays and public holidays to suit the passenger demands.

The bus fleet in Dubai consists of executive custom built vehicles, constructed with individual seats, computerised fare equipment and GPS destination screens. There are a number of varied types of buses, with majority of the fleet having a capacity limit of 61 seats with 10 of them standing spaces. The bus operation in Dubai consists of over 1800 individual bus stops in Dubai, which combines over 1300 passenger shelters and 500 non shelter bus stops

Covering the 4,110 km of Dubai is a huge task, which is however easily managed by the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), with great success. The RTA is a huge organisation that is ready to adapt to any situation. Controlling the congestion on the roads is always at the forefront of the RTA’s mind, with continual progression of more up to date and modern transport means being regularly assessed. As well as providing buses to serve the needs of the public, the RTA have invested heavily into water based public transport which is not only quick and cheap, it is gradually taking more and more traffic from the roads to the creek.

The most recent transport initiative is the futuristic Super bus, that will travel between Abu Dhabi and Dubai at 250kmh over super track made of concrete roads.

super bus

The all electronic bus will create no traffic fumes and is extremely environmentally friendly, and at 15meters long and 2.5meters wide, the lightweight vehicle will make a normally long journey both quicker and more comfy than current means, the journey should take just 30 minutes, compared to the normal 90-120 minutes.

Made of light composites such as aluminium, carbon fibre, fibreglass and polycarbonate, this vehicle will weigh a fairly light 9.5tons, in comparison to the usual buses operated on this route to Abu Dhabi and has a capacity of just 23 passengers.  The super bus looks more like a futuristic stretched limousine than a bus.