The most effective way to travel around Dubai on four wheels is by taxi. Regulations with taxis are very well controlled by the Dubai Taxi Corporation and the Road Traffic Authority. With H.H Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum as the Chairman of the executive Council, the standards of the Corporation is strict in the road worthiness of all public transport to ensure that public transport is as safe as can be.

The DTA in 1996 had around 1500 vehicles available to the residents and visitors of Dubai which broke the Guinness world record with holding a ‘Taxi March’ in Dubai such is the amount of vehicles in its corporation. With the cultural difference of the country in its relationship towards women and children, the DTA introduced a female driver service which provides the appropriate grounds convenient for the Gulf Coorporation Council and its Arab families.

Taxis at Dubai International Airport

Dubai Taxi Corporation are the official government run taxis at Dubai International Airport.

Dubai Airport taxis are available 24 hours a day and the taxi ranks can be found directly outside each of the Terminal building arrival areas. The drivers all have a good knowledge of the tourist attractions, hotels and other major locations in Dubai. All Dubai airport taxi drivers also command more than one language.

The taxis at Dubai Airport are all metered cabs and are calculated according to the distance recorded. The starting meter charge at Dubai Airport is 25 Dirham and 1.75 Dirham per kilometer until you reach your destination.

See the sections below for a full list of Dubai Airport taxi fares.

To enquire about taxi costs to various destinations The Dubai Taxi agency can be contacted direct on (+971 4) 2080808.

However, we recommend booking a taxi via RTAs online Dubai airport transfer booking service as you may find this to work out cheaper and more convenient.

Simply fill in all the required fields and select your pickup and drop off destination to get a quote.

Dubai Airport Taxi Fares

Minimum Taxi Fare Dh 10.00
Additional charge for going to or passing Sharjah Dh 20.00
Starting Meter Charge From Dubai International Airport Dh 25.00
Running Meter Charges Per KM Dh 1.75
Running Meter Charges Every 571 metres Dh 1.00
Waiting Charges Per Hour Dh 30.00

The taxi corporation sets the highest level of standards to achieve the highest level of customer comfort and satisfaction. This is set by the following values that are complied to:

Customer Service is paramount with the level of satisfaction provided to its customers.

Ethics and Treatment is the image adhered to with the high level of reputation gained with the ethics that all staff are fully trained and conversant with.

Technology and Effectiveness is instilled to its staff, and measured by the technology of equipment used and knowledge of its staff combined with effective management of the correct vehicles on its fleet.

Satisfaction and Loyalty of employees is gained by the respect, empowerment and the ability to make a decision and know that the decision will be respected. Mutual respect of management and staff is a key factor in this work partnership.

Quality and Excellence is a direct reflection of accuracy and efficiency of the huge operation. The safety of the workforce and dealers ensure that the highest levels of results are gained.

The fleet of vehicles that supply the needs of the people of Dubai are operational 24 hours a day, every day of the year including public and religious holidays. The fleet of the DTC is made up of over 3500 vehicles which are all fitted with the latest tracking devices via satellite, and are identified by its red roof fleet. The only other roof colour that is operated by the DTC is the pink roof that signifies that the taxi is specific to ladies and families.

There are a number of different types of taxis available for different needs. The public taxis are available to be booked at any time and can be flagged down by customers but will only stop on safe well lit areas of the city. There are no other distinguishing marks of the taxi other than its recognised simplistic red roof top.

Airport taxis are exclusive to Dubai International Airport only for your onward travel destination, these are available in the three terminals of the airport where you find the taxi icon inside the terminals, these drivers are highly knowledgeable in getting you safely and efficiently to any hotel in Dubai, their city knowledge is second to none and the way they put you at ease with their friendliness and professional manner ensures that your first experience of Dubai is a memorable one.

The Family and Female taxi is a dedicated service supplied by the DTA with female drivers only. These taxis are distinguishable by its pink roof and are available upon request and can be found outside hospitals, airports and malls dependant on demand. The taxi is available to all ladies and families irrespective of nationality. There are 22 vehicles and 56 ladies available for this service, so pre booking this service is highly recommended and suggested at least 24 hours in advance.

A special needs taxi is available for people with difficulties, with the vehicle being identified by the blue badge icon on the side doors and rear window. There is ample room inside the well adapted vehicle that has comfort and safety as the main concern. Its drivers are well trained and experienced to manage any situation and can be used to travel the UAE.

There are two other main services operated in the city of Dubai.

Hatta Taxi: this is available to residents of the Hatta city district. You have to be a Hatta resident to be able to pre book the tax by Phone Email or SMS, to non Hatta residents the service is only available from Al Sabkha, which is near the public bus station and Al Aweer, which is near to the Fruit & Vegetable Market. You can travel on your own or share with others as the taxis capacity is 6 people.

District Taxi: The district taxi is specific to customers who live, work or need to travel in congested traffic areas. This is clearly distinguished by the unique red reflective stickers which make the vehicle highly visible around the clock, placed along the side of the vehicle with the different named areas within Dubai. This service can only resume back for work when the taxi has returned to the specific zone again.

All the DTA drivers receive training on Taxi electronic systems, Tourist destinations within the emirate of Dubai, extremely high level expectations of Customer service, Practical driving training sessions and most importantly the ‘Al Ameen System’ which is how to maintain the safety of passengers and drivers. New driver training lasts for 21 days which includes accident prevention, road traffic systems, practical driver training, simulated drives, tourist and resident location identification. The drivers are also expected to maintain personal cleanliness, professionalism, courteousness and safe driving style.

The DTA have in excess of 7500 men and women working the taxis. They are highly conversant in different languages with the main languages of Arabic, English, Urdu and Bengali being spoken with over 31 different nationalities represented, that can only enhance the communication issues that may occur.

Taxi Rentals Day Rates

1. General Rental Service: 

DTC offers taxi with driver rental service to travel within Dubai Only by reserving 24 hour in advance via Dispatch Center 04 2080808:
  • 6 hours rental is 500 AED
  • 12 hours rental is 800 AED

2.Taxi Rental Service for Government Authorities, Strategic Partners & Private Companies:

  • Fixed fare of 1,000 AED for 24 hours rental of vehicle with a driver for Government Authorities, Strategic Partners and Private Companies.
  • Fixed fare of 800 AED for 12 hours and/or 500 AED for 6 hours rental of vehicle with a driver as per current procedure.