VIP Taxi

VIP Taxi Service

This distinguished service with its luxurious comfort, privacy and distinct drivers is different from normal taxi service and it is available to all customers from Dubai International Airport Terminal 1, 3 and outside the airport around Dubai at Shopping Malls & Hotels.









Fare Condition:

1 – The starting meter fare from Airport is AED 50.
2 – The starting meter fare from Reservation and Distribution is AED 50.
3 – The starting meter fare from anywhere outside the airport is AED 50 .
4 – kilo meter pricing AED 2 day and night.

How to request the service:• From Dubai International Airport (Terminal 3).
• By calling Reservation & Distribution Centre on 04 208 0808 Benefits:
• Selection of 20 luxury black vehicles; Ten 2012 Infiniti M37 and Ten 2012 Lexus S350 with white plates number.
• Selection of 45 outstanding drivers with formal black suit and a special cap.
• Distinguished logo for the Service.
• Modern (Samsung S2) meter system inside the vehicle without extensions attached to a unique stylish holder.
• Credit cards service accepted.


Here’s how you identify genuine luxury taxis.

The first thing you need to know is that you can identify the luxury taxis by its type. “The cars are Infiniti M37 and Lexus S350 with White number plates.”

The other point is all the drivers from this RTA service wear black uniforms and black caps.