Burj Al Arab

The spectacular Burj Al Arab – and we do mean SPECTACULAR.shapeimage_54


Designed and built to resemble the graceful sails of an Arabian dhow soaring to a height of 321 meters above its manmade island, dominating the Jumeirah Beach coastline.

This all-suite hotel is situated on a manmade island some 280 meters offshore and is linked to the mainland by a guarded causeway restricting entry to guests and patrons of the bars and restaurants only. You will have to take our word for it but it is worth putting on you best attire and making a booking at one of the restaurants or bars as this property really is a must see and do whilst in Dubai.


This is a very formal and grown up hotel where you always feel the need to dress for the occasion which is exactly what patrons of this hotel love to do and there is certainly much to get dressed up for with its award winning restaurants and service. Its a little like staying on board a luxury liner of the past conjuring up the grace and style of a bygone era.

Arranged over two floors each of the 202 suites has floor to ceiling, wall to wall windows and tranquil views of the sea.  It has to be said that the design and décor of this hotel is ‘over the top’ with its bright colour pallet and gold leaf everywhere but it has been done with a style and flare that prevents it from becoming too gaudy; it is however still and acquired taste. This property is one of those hotels that oozes opulence and it ranks as one of the finest hotels to be found anywhere in the world.

Every major city has a hotel where everyone associates the high and mighty would stay; The Ritz in Paris, The Dorchester in London or the Plaza in New York, well in Dubai its the Burj Al Arab. The highest standards of personal service are enhanced by private reception desks on every floor. In-suite check-in, a brigade of exclusive butlers that provide around the clock assistance and unrivalled attention all add to the luxury feel. These standards are further typified by the hotel’s own fleet of Rolls-Royces and recently introduced luxury helicopter service, should their guests wish to experience their arrival at Dubai’s landmark hotel from new heights.

Dining at Burj Al Arab is an experience almost out of this world, with restaurants situated among the stars and below the sea.

Al Mahara

Tantalise your palate with the freshest, most delicious ingredients prepared by the world-class chefs while watching a wide selection of exotic fish in what has to be one of the most beautiful aquariums in Dubai.  This really is a spectacular restaurant and one that is ideally suited to a very special occasion such as an anniversary, proposal or just a one in a lifetime experience. The only down site to this restaurant is you might feel guilty about ordering the fish!

Al Muntaha

Dining 200 meters above the sea level in the cantilevered wing atop of the tower seems like high adventure, and we think you will think so as well.  (Look for the long bar at the back of the hotel opposite the Helipad in the first picture.)

Spectacular views of the Gulf and the Palm Island can be seen during the day whilst taking in the culinary delights on offer here, and like everywhere else in this hotel the food and service are second to none. Dinning here will make you the envy of all your family and friends back home for sure – We know it did ours!



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