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The hotel has the operation of the first 9 floors including the concourse and floors 38 and 39, providing 160 rooms and suites, 8 restaurants a spa and the obligatory Armani boutiques, this is not only a truly a wonderful addition to the iconic tower and city of Dubai, but the start of things to come for the Armani brand with this being the world’s first Armani hotel and certainly not the last. The city of Dubai is a great place to showcase the brand of Armani with the famous and wealthy that will descend to the city, and as such is so obviously going to be the start of many more around the world if this proves to be a success with another 10 hotels around the world rumoured to be in the planning stages.

Every little detail has been personally selected by Giorgio Armani himself, to ensure that the quality of the rooms match the quality associated with the name Armani.  The rooms are designed with precious materials, luxury fabrics, handmade leather, marble and unique textures. All of this is to ensure that the passion put into the design, and the quality of the material used, will give the most wonderful feeling to its guests who are treated to so much luxury that it makes you feel like royalty.

Every detail has been is typical of Armani and Dubai. The quality and dedication that has been applied here has paid off, with the interest of the media from all around the world baying to see what has been achieved by the master of style and finesse. Armani was literally obsessed in getting the details perfect, from the fragrance of the complimentary toiletries to the colours on the wall, Armani was literally so obsessed in this project that he took 5 years planning everything prior to the project going live.

Armani Hotel

Once inside the hotel each guest is assigned a lifestyle manager whose job it is to attend to your every need from the moment you check in to the moment you leave. They may even be at the airport to receive you. The idea again was that of Armani to ensure that there are no unsatisfied guests as perfection is the key to the success of this venture. They are there to advise you on every aspect of what the hotel and Dubai can offer you, this is particularly nice when trying to sort out what food you would like to eat, and which of the eight restaurants will suit your taste buds. The restaurants offer food from across the world including Japanese, Indian, Mediterranean and Italian.

There are eight different choices of hotel living areas ranging, from the Armani Executive rooms which are found on levels 5 and 6 and offer 85 square meters of room, through to the Armani Dubai suite which comprises of a huge expanse over 390 square meters of high luxury residence in its living space, the suite is found further up the tower with the most stunning views across Dubai, with this costing in the region of $11,000 a night.

There is a cheaper option of room if there is such a thing at $470 a night, namely the Armani classic rooms which are mainly found in the centre of the tower comprising of 70 square meters.

If you are looking to do something more active, without leaving the hotel, the nightclub Armani Privé is in the hotel where you can enjoy the expensive cocktails from the bar, whilst watching one of the world’s largest LCD television screens.

This hotel optimises quality, finesse and shear luxury that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere in Dubai or anywhere else in the world for that matter.



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