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We Are Different… was created late in 2009 on the basis of providing Accurate and Up To Date Tourist Information for whoever searched for it.

The reason behind this was that our CEO and Editor-In-Chief found himself frustrated looking at Irrelevant, inaccurate, Incomplete and out of date information that in no way helped him prepare for his vacation to Dubai.

We wanted to create a web destination that people could TRUST, so we set about laying the ground rules; it had to be:

  1.   High Quality – In both the venues we feature and the look and feel of the site. This is a Concierge Guide that only features the best Dubai has to offer.
  2.   Up To Date & Accurate – All our content is extensively researched, updated regularly and wherever possible written from firsthand experience. We also try to build up a personal relationship with the venues we feature.
  3.   Neutral both Politically & Religiously – We just deal in the facts you both want to and need to know, and thats it.
  4.   Positive – If we don’t feel you make the grade we don’t feature you, that way you’ll never read a bad review on thatDUBAIsite so you will always know where to come to find the good stuff.
  5.   Educational and Informative – You will find a wealth of information on our site including all the basics with answers to almost any question you might have, plus all the Dos and Don’ts and all our Insider Tips and Tricks.
  6.   Give Back – We believe in supporting the countries & cities that we feature which is why we offer free advertising and editorial space to Dubai based charities.

We truly hope you get as much out of our website as we have in producing it, we are passionate about Travel, Hotels and Hospitality and we believe this shows through in our website.

Safe travels and have a wonderful trip.

The TDS Team.

Why We Don’t Rate Our Hotels Out Of 10

You will never find a Bad Review on as we only hand pick the best Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Clubs & Shopping Malls plus all the Must Do’s & Must See’s in and around Dubai.

All our features have been personally selected by our editorial team to offer you the best selection in terms of Quality, Service and Value.




Look for the Orange ‘EDITOR TRIED & TESTED’ button for venues that our team have visited personally so we can speak from experience rather than from a press release.

That doesn’t mean if the venue your looking for is not listed we didn’t like it it may be that we just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Why not drop us an email if your venue is not listed or your choice is not found and we will get back to you with an answer.


Legal Notice.

Free Press:

The inclusion of any venue, property or attraction on That Dubai Site’s website is classed as an Unpaid Editorial/Review Article.

Whilst we are happy to amend any technical inaccuracies, false claims, infringements or any content which could be deemed as inflammatory or offensive, we will not however guarantee editorial content including exact phrases, descriptions, tag lines, brand guidelines, logos, syntax or stock photography.

Companies who purchase a full size right-hand banner advertisement or a footer banner can ADD an additional 200 words of content to That Dubai Sites review free of charge.

Articles will remain on the site for as long as they are current and operating at a high level of excellence.

PLEASE NOTE: Information is correct at time of publishing and advice contained within this site should be taken as an example of the types of things you should consider when in the UAE.  It is not an exhaustive list of everything you should be aware of when travelling in the UAE and more widely in the region.  The contents of these pages are for information purposes only and should not be deemed as Legal Advice in anyway.  Legal advice is neither supplied nor inferred.  Please click on any relevant UAE governmental links within the site to obtain detailed advice and support.

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