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Safe Keeping

Safe Keeping

R Hanson. E.I.C. That Dubai Site.

Dubai is one of the safest destinations in the world, but no matter how safe there is always a chance something could happen to your Cash & Credit Cards whilst you’re taking in the sites. Even accidental loss of ones cash & cards can have a detrimental affect on your holiday so safeguard yourself by keeping a spare Credit Card in your hotel safe, Not to splash out in the shops but just incase you lose your cards & cash.

That way you will always have something to fall back on until the taxi cab company returns the wallet you dropped in their cab!!! Sounds unlikely in this day and age but we have seen it with our own eyes in Dubai… Amazing We Know!

Dont Crack Up

Dont Crack Up.

R Hulley. E.A.L. That Dubai Site.

Carry your Laptop or Pack It Away?

Keep it with you at all times. It goes with you on the flight as carry-on baggage. Do not store it in the overhead storage area; it could get knocked around by someone else. Absolutely do not put your laptop in with your other baggage. Baggage handlers at Airports or even Hotels aren’t expecting expensive electronics to be in the stored or main baggage and you can’t expect it to be treated as a fragile object.

Also always wait until the last moment to put your laptop on the conveyor belt for the Xray as while your still being searched someone could make off with your Laptop.

Forget The Wrapping

Forget The Wrapping

R Hanson. E.I.C. That Dubai Site.

Do not wrap gifts, especially if you intend to carry them on the plane. Even in checked baggage, there is a strong chance they will be unwrapped for inspection by security personnel.

Yes we know x-rays can see through wrapping paper, but they cant see through things like Lead Crystal plus some electronic gifts might need to be checked by hand.

Consider gift bags instead of wrapping paper this holiday season or when buying gifts for loved ones. You can easily remove the items from their bags if required and you don’t have to do a last-minute wrapping job at your destination.

Fear of loss

Fear Of Loss

That Dubai Site Editorial Team.

In a survey of airline travelers the 3 biggest fears when it came to losing things were… 1. The Kids, 2. Luggage, 3. Holiday Photos.

Well now No.3 can be a thing of the past but using one of the many FREE online backup services.

The are dozens of Cloud backup services available from companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Dropbox, Livedrive, ADrive etc.

Avoid jetlag

Avoid Jet Lag

R Hanson. E.I.C. That Dubai Site.

Reduce the effects of jet lag, here are some simple tips which may help:

1. A couple of days before you travel try going to bed earlier if you are traveling Eastbound or later if you are traveling Westbound.

2. Immediately you get to your gate or on take-off, change your watch to the new local time, so that you become accustomed to your new time several hours before arrival. Repeat the new local time in your head to trick your brain into the new local time.

3. Avoid heavy meals immediately before travelling. The lower air pressure in the cabin can mean you feel bloated leading to discomfort. Try and sleep on the plane in line with your new local time.


Free Wi-Fi Can Cost.

R Hulley. E.A.L. That Dubai Site.

Not everything that is free is good. When you’re out at the airport there are a lot of free ad-hoc networks that people create for the purpose of listening for your usernames and passwords.  DO NOT CONNECT TO THEM.

Even if you’re on a good Wi-Fi network you want to make sure you do everything you can to stay safe. Be wary of the networks you choose and know the network you’re signing on to before you start entering private information. If you have to enter private info for getting online with your bank etc. your better off using your smartphone bundled minutes if possible.

You don’t want to return home to find out someone has been accessing your bank account or credit cards.

Speedy exit

Speedy Exit

D Francis

When you arrive at your destination, be it at home or abroad and are approaching Border Control look out for queues containing the Smart Set or Cabin Crew. Business fliers are almost always regular travellers and therefore are far less likely to be held up when going through border control checks.

A good precursor to this is if you have a particularly annoying family onboard, get ahead of them on the way to border control to avoid being stuck behind them.  You’re also less likely to be poked in the eye by a stuffed camel whilst waiting inline.

Keep your cool

Keep Your Cool

R Hulley. E.A.L. That Dubai Site.

Remember if your taking snacks out with you to take an insulated “Cool-bag” to keep your drinks and food cool. The heat and humidity in Dubai is hot enough to curl sandwiches and almost boil your drinks in minutes. Also use it to pack a Damp Flannel to cool the kids off or for a quick refresh at any time. The bags are inexpensive and are available at most supermarkets.

These are also particularly handy if you find yourself in a hotel room with a fridge that has no free space apart from minibar items, and they are even more handy for keeping chocolate cold.

Lessons in luggage

Lessons in Luggage 

R Hanson. E.I.C. That Dubai Site.

1.Never Put Your Address On/In Your Luggage.

it may sound obvious but next time your at an airport look for yourself at how many people make the mistake.  Use only a mobile number or if you feel you must include an address use the address of the hotel your staying at or a work address; you don’t want unwelcome visitors at your home knowing your away.

2.Remove All Old Airport Luggage Tags Before Checkin.

Old tags are a common reason some luggage goes astray; remove them all including the small barcode stickers that are on the case surface.

Thanks for the memory

Thanks For The Memory

R Hanson. E.I.C. That Dubai Site.

When you get to the duty-free, treat yourself to a New Fragrance (One that you have never used before)

Then use it everyday whilst on holiday.

Every time you then use it at home your will get a brief but strong reminder of your holiday.

Due to the link between the nose and the brain, smell can call up memories and powerful responses almost instantaneously.  This is a great way to keep those holiday memories alive.

Stop camera for

Stop Camera Lens Fogging

R Hanson. E.I.C. That Dubai Site.

Although people think of Dubai as a Desert, it is in fact classed as a Subtropical Desert partly due to it’s having a coastline. This means that when your Cold Camera Lens hits the warm often humid Dubai air the result is a fogged up lens.

You can help prevent this by keeping your camera in one of your hotel drawers under some clothing, even if you always keep it in a case.

This prevents your room Air-conditioning from chilling the lens elements.

No Chill = No Fog.

Pay by card

Pay By Card in Local Dirhams, £ or $

R Simon

Many of the malls and stores now accept payment on credit and debit cards to be made in either the local currency of Dirhams or in British Pounds, United State Dollars or Australian Dollars.

Depending on your type of card and the different agreements banks have for foreign currency transactions, in most cases you will get a better conversion rate from your bank then you will from a store.

Some stores and the duty free at the airport will also allow you to pay in foreign currency such as pounds or dollars.

UAE weekends

UAE Weekends

S Savage – The DSC Company

Weekends and/or holy days are different in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

Where as in most of the Western World weekends are Saturday andSunday in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates the weekend runs fromFriday to Saturday.

Although Friday is the only truly official day off, and the regions most holy day; many companies also give Saturday off as well giving a conventional weekend, all be it one day early.

Banish the wrinkles

Banish The Wrinkles 

R Hanson. E.I.C. That Dubai Site.

Fed up with having to iron everything again once you’ve unpacked your suitcase?

For getting out most suitcase induced creases buy yourself a can of Easy Iron Spray from the supermarket (Not Starch) – You normally use it on fabrics before you iron them to make your ironing easier.

But heres the trick….  Spray it on dry clothes that have been creased in the case and leave to dry naturally on the hanger and you will find that the silicones in the spray will make all your small creases drop out without having to use an iron.

More room for less

More Room For Less

T Green

If you want a taste of the highlife for a little less; instead of booking a standard room in a luxury hotel, book a suite in a slightly less up market hotel.

You will get at least two main rooms in your suite (Living area and Bedroom) and probably receive just as good if not better service than if you were in a standard room of a more expensive hotel.


Join the club

Join The Club

R Hulley. E.A.L. That Dubai Site.

Club rooms may sound expensive at first look but you really do get a lot more for your money, and can even end up saving into the bargain.

The advantages to Club Rooms are that apart from the rooms normally being larger and on a private floor they also will have a Club Lounge which will serve a variety of different type of meals throughout the day from Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Tea and Dinner.

All standard drinks and mainline beers and spirits will also be available throughout the day.  All of this is included in the price of your Club Room. Some even include 24 hour check-in and VIP airport to hotel limo transfers.

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