A.I. Immigration System

Government officials said artificial intelligence will transform the way national security operates in the country.

Dubai airport’s security tunnel on display at Gitex last year. The tunnel will be equipped with about 80 cameras that will scan faces while they’re in motion and clear them for security.

Phasing out immigrations officers by 2020 is just one of the ways the UAE plans to use artificial intelligence to increase national security, officials from the Ministry of Interior said on Wednesday.

Speaking at a press conference announcing details of the upcoming International Exhibition for National Security and Resilience in the capital, they said the new Abu Dhabi airport will be equipped with a smart system that eliminates the need for human immigration officers.

“We started with iris scan and face recognition and eventually, we won’t need any immigration officers at all,” said Maj Gen Dr Ahmed Al Raisi, general inspector at the ministry.

“People will just be able to walk through and they’ll be scanned. We’re planning to totally eliminate the presence of officers by 2020 hopefully and it will be fully deployed in all the country.”

He said the challenge will remain to well train employees in the field. “Otherwise they can’t work with such systems,” Dr Al Raisi said. “AI is the future, not just for security, but for the whole world.”

He said AI systems would be informed by big data and will completely transform the way in which national security operates across the country.

“We have big data and a lot of information to deliver to the decision-makers – the largest data available in the UAE is at the ministry so AI will allow this amount of information on citizens, residents and visitors to help us keep the country secure.”

The eighth ISNR will showcase the latest technologies in security and the protection of critical infrastructure.

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