Ossiano restaurant is located inside the tranquil Atlantis, The Palm. The restaurant which holds 3 Michelin stars and serves food of a considerably high standard.

The aptly named restaurant translated in Latin as Ocean, is located off of the Grand lobby, down a long winding staircase of the exclusive Royal towers.

This was Chef Santamaria’s first venture outside Spain, and what a venture it has become. The Ossiano has an extraordinary view of the underwater Ambassador lagoon aquarium that holds 65,000 sea animals such as sharks, rays and a large array of marine fish which would take a marine biologist an age to identify, such is the vast array that you will encounter. It could be a bit unnerving eating octopus, fish, scallop or caviar whilst the sharks are watching you. However, it has to be said that the tranquil settings of the aquarium will make any diner feel at ease with the calming effect of the marine setting in the background, which is as compelling to watch as the food is to eat.

Dubbed ‘The architect of food’, Chef Sanatamaria, who was regarded as one of the top 50 chefs in the world, set the standards in Dubai that will be hard pressed to beat. The awesome surroundings of Atlantis, the Palm makes the most perfect partnership. This was proved by being the only restaurant in Dubai to receive the accolade of being named on the Hot List, for the category “Hottest Tables 2009” compiled by Condé Nast Traveller.

Ossiano provides a Catalan menu with a Mediterranean feel of seafood, which is widely regarded as being one of the best fish restaurants in Dubai, an accolade that is well deserved particularly due to the amount of other restaurants available in the city, particularly with the ever changing menu.

The restaurant and kitchen are so well organised they work in tandem with each other like a well oiled machine. With an eight course menu you would expect problems, however the service is superlative with a flawless explanation from the waiting staff of each course that is served, with the attention to detail from the exemplary chefs to ensure that a perfect meal reaches your plate.