Al Dawaar

Al Dawaar



Cuisine: Contemporary European, Middle Eastern, Asian, Japanese:

Al Dawaar, Dubai’s only revolving restaurant, is located on the 25th floor of the Hyatt Regency Dubai and features spectacular views of the Arabian Gulf, the Creek and the city of Dubai. This popular Dubai restaurant, which can accommodate 140 diners, is as famous for its unique views as it is for its superb international buffet.

Offering a wide selection of tempting starters and main courses including European, Middle Eastern, Asian and Japanese dishes. Oh and did we mention the desert and cheese station, another one not to be missed with its chose of traditional European and local temptations.

The great advantage to buffet style dinning is that you can take it at your own pace, given that this is a revolving restaurant this makes even more sense.

Although there are many buffet style restaurants in Dubai this one stands out for it quality and vast choice.

However the real star here is the revolving seating area and the incredible views. (In our opinion the night views are the best)

Whilst this might not be the one of the newest hotels in Dubai the decor, style and service are still up there with the best of the rest. This coupled with this restaurants location and you have a real winner.

Whether your looking to impress a client for lunch, a romantic dinner or ticking off your list of tourist must do’s this venue has something for everyone. With everything this restaurant has to offer we are sure this one will be one you will keep coming back to.

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