Al Mahara @ Burj Al Arab

Cuisine: Contemporary.
Among the 8 restaurants in the Burj Al Arab, is simply the best seafood restaurant that is available from around the world and the food served here is amongst the best quality that you will ever taste. The food is selected and imported from all around the world including Iranian caviar, Norwegian cod, Dover dole, Tasmania salmon, Atlantic lobster and Japanese scallops. These however come at a price reflecting the cost to bring these delicacies into Dubai and the plush surroundings of the sail shaped Burj al Arab hotel.

To reach this restaurant you are transported via a mock simulated submarine ride, that lasts for 3 minutes and simulates going to the bottom of the ocean and travelling to the entrance of the restaurant through the water which is a great gimmick to start with to get into the spirit of the occasion and to make you think that you are at the bottom of the ocean. Once inside the restaurant you will notice the plush red blue and gold decorated room that seats 72 people , you will be seated in the circular restaurant that is encased around the world famous circular acrylic aquarium which houses a superb array of aquatic life including sharks, rays and shoals of brightly coloured fish that are amazing to watch.

Your eyes will be constantly drawn to the aquarium during the whole of your meal with the exquisite sound of a harpist in the background which accentuates the underwater experience.
The aquarium is adorned with rocks that make up a reef that seems natural to the fish and the watching public. The aquarium is made of 7.5 inch thick Plexiglass and is strong enough to hold the high pressure of the one hundred thousand litres of water held inside it. The aquarium is managed by a team appointed by the hotel and is meticulously cleaned, conditioned and the fish fed on a daily basis to ensure that it looks and is maintained to a very high level as you would expect it to be. There are regular breeding of the fish here to maintain the environmental impact of this aquarium and to ensure that the numbers of fish multiply from the estimated 2500 fish housed in the aquarium. Flash photography is not allowed around the aquarium due to the sensitive nature of the aquatic life, which does not stop you getting a great shot of it.

This restaurant is among the top 50 in the world which speaks volumes as once you have eaten here you would put this as the top sea food restaurant in the world.
The service at this restaurant is top class even by the Al Arab standards with the immaculate waiting staff and chefs, even the toilets have staff there to turn the taps on and hand you towels to dry your hands with.The only potential down side to this restaurant is you might feel guilty ordering the fish!