Al Muntaha @ Burj al Arab

Cuisine: Contemporary European:


Al Muntaha which means “Highest” or “Ultimate” is located 200 m (almost 660 ft) above the Persian Gulf. It is supported by a full cantilever that extends 27 m (89 ft) from either side of the spine on the Burj Al Arab, and is accessed via panoramic elevators. A restaurant where you can expect and indeed receive possibly the best service level of any restaurant that you could visit, with its immaculately dressed and trained staff, you get what you pay for which is quality. Being high up in the Burj Al Arab Hotel not only are you close to heaven but eating the food would make you think that you have gone to heaven with the exquisitely prepared food with presentation that would be as close to feeling like royalty as you could possibly imagine.

In many reviews on the World Wide Web, this restaurant is rated as being in the top ten best restaurants in the world. We cannot clarify whether this restaurant is or isn’t, however we would certainly rate it in the top five restaurants in Dubai and certainly one of the most spectacular and unusual restaurants in the world; not so much for its décor but for its location and views (Daytime is best for views).

The dress code is strictly smart casual, formal or UAE national dress and advance booking is highly recommended.

Those dress restrictions should not be a problem as this is the type of venue that you want to get dressed up for.

Whilst eating in the restaurant some 656ft in the air, the views as you would imagine of the Arabian Gulf, The Atlantis complex on the Palm Jumeirah, The World and the city of Dubai is astonishing, as you are surrounded by slanted glass windows that make you feel as though you are suspended in mid air which to a degree you are.

With a capacity of only 74 people this makes this restaurant quite an exclusive destination this combined with the high cost which is reflected the quality of the dining experience making this restaurant a truly exclusive but not out of reach must do.

Insider Tip: Afternoon Tea is a more cost effective alternative to Lunch or Dinner, but never the less still a spectacular experience.