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The Asado restaurant is found neatly inside The Palace Hotel, Downtown Dubai. This restaurant is synonymous with its Argentinean style of cooking.

Upon arrival at the restaurant, you will be greeted in a friendly and professional manner. As you walk through the entrance your eyes will be drawn to the classic interior of the restaurant, whilst walking past the well stocked wine cellar located behind the bar. There are plenty of seats inside the restaurant, and the tables are well spread giving a cosy atmosphere as well as being far away from the next table to be a discreet place to eat. If you are lucky enough you may even get a table outside on the terrace.

The hotel is built on the edge of the lake in downtown Dubai. The lake is home to the magnificent dancing fountains that can be seen from the tables on the terrace, as well as the accompanying music being heard when the regular half hour fountain show takes place, and feeling the occasional spray of water if the wind is in the right direction. However the fountains do rise up to 500 ft high and they spray up to 22,000 gallons of water at certain points of the performance.

You also get magnificent views of the The Old Town, Dubai mall and the highlight of the area, the Burj Khalifa.

Whilst waiting for your starter – you are welcome to go and look at the cooking facilities of the restaurant, where the racks of goat are cooked on a Parrilla grill in the centre of the restaurant surrounded by a glass case.
Argentinian style food as well as prime cuts of steak are provided in two menu styles, a fixed menu or à La Carte. The meats on the menu offered are of premium cuts from the best foods, which you may find that the waiter will parade on a tray in front of you. Here it will be explained about the styles of meat available on the menu.
The speciality of the restaurant is the goat, which comes cooked on the bone and is tender beyond belief, where you will notice a slightly smoked taste from the style of cooking. The goat is known as Cabrito, milk fed kid (young goat).
Although this might sound like a meat feast which it is, they also have some tasty vegetarian options and a wonderful selection of salads.
Norberto Palacios the head chef at Asado is a renowned expert at cooking with charcoal and wood, as well as being very knowledgeable with the mixing and experimentation of marinades and sauces, which provide the perfect accompaniment to the meal served. His relationship with the customers and interpretation of his cooking means a full restaurant, with many returning customers, which spread the word of how refined the restaurant is, and how good the food is.
You will be very impressed with all aspects of the food, restaurant and service which comes very highly recommended by the editors of That Dubai Site due to the standards that have been installed from bar person through to the chefs.
The casual feel and style of this restaurant combined with its high standards of food, service and location make it a perfect choice for a Dubai dining destination.
Editors Recommendations: Book a table under the stars.