Armani Mediterraneo

Cuisine: Contemporary European, Middle Eastern, Asian:


As soon as you arrive at the Armani, you are treated like a VIP and pampered beyond belief even though this restaurant is classed as a more casual style all day diner. The waiting staff dressed in fashionable designer Italian shirts and blouses flanks the Mediterraneo.   You would expect nothing else but Italian designer wear as you would expect from the influence of the restaurant of Giorgio Armani, a moments lapse of concentration and you would think you were watching a catwalk show in Milan. The staff from the waiter to the head chef are handpicked to work at Armani, to ensure that they have nothing but the best staff to work for the organisation, as they are a direct reflection on the quality of the restaurant.

The Mediterraneo is a luxury restaurant set up in a buffet style, to which the volume of choice is immense with not only Mediterranean dishes from all across Europe but also including Asian and Arabic dishes, there is also an amazing raw bar where you can select your choice of ingredients and have the chef cook you up your own taste sensation.   The food at the Mediterraneo is as fresh as can be with all organic produce most of which is sourced locally.

Normally buffet style restaurants use chafing dishes to hold food whilst keeping it hot with gel burners from below, but not at Mediterraneo; the dishes are presented in a selection of small cast-iron pans and dishes almost home-style in very small quantity’s to ensure the food is always at its freshest and piping hot.

The quality has to be nothing short of perfection or the food will not be sent out to the restaurant, as it is inspected by the head chef before being dispatched. The taste combinations are sublime, something that is continually worked on by the chefs when creating delicacies.

This is assessed on a continual basis, such is the pride that is instilled into the staff from the very first day that they start working for Armani. The choice that is available is extremely special, with the menu updated regularly to add new creations that are either gained through recommendation, or through the latest tastes that have become popular elsewhere around the world.

And with views overlooking the Dubai fountain, you won’t be short of spectacular scenery to look at, there’s even a private balcony for guests to view the dancing fountains from.

The only downside to this restaurant is leaving enough room for dessert. (Our editor’s recommendation is the Ricotta Cheesecake and the Hazelnut Delight.