Prime Steakhouse

Cuisine: Steakhouse & Contemporary European:


To call Prime a Steakhouse is a little bit of an insult in our opinion… why, because most steakhouses are just that and this restaurant has so much more to offer apart from just steaks; although the steaks are wonderful.  The interior of this restaurant is a throwback to the 1940’s and 50’s, oozing with Style and Glamor. Its one of those restaurant interiors that make you feel like you’ve arrived in life, it both confirms your status whilst comforting your senses.

Who would have expected a restaurant of this quality to be located at a sports venue, well if you’ve ever been to Meydan before you probably would as this venue and its 5 Star hotel are about as far removed from almost any other sports venue you can imagine.

Prime is the one of the most prestigious steak houses in Dubai. We are confident that you will not find a better steak house coupled with the most unique location anywhere else in Dubai. Although not in central Dubai, this restaurant is very highly recommended by our editors. It is well worth the short journey to the Meydan Hotel and is becoming more and more popular with the locals and tourists alike, and we can see why.

Prime prides itself on the quality range of steaks available, which are of three grades and are imported from various parts of the world:

World renowned Tajima Wagyu beef. 400 day grain-fed Wagyu breed, marble score 7-9, hormone-free.

Highest quality U.S.D.A. prime beef 100 per 100gm.

250 day grain-fed, Black Angus breed, marble score 4-6, hormone free/organic.

Whichever type of steak you choose as your main course, you will not be disappointed. It is recommended to have the steak cooked “medium to well done”. The steak will simply feel so tender that it “melts in your mouth”. The food tastes much better knowing the surroundings that you are in entertains the world’s richest horse race, whilst employing possibly the most well mannered and knowledgeable staff to cook and serve your food.

Whilst gazing around the restaurant from your oversized sumptuous chairs, you cannot fail to notice the crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceilings by the windows, as the lights glitter off the handmade crystal components and the white piano by the entrance that is played whilst you are eating your meal.

Even the varied selection of steak knives paraded in front of you in their presentation case, has you stuck for choice as to which one to select, although any of them would simply glide through the steaks served to you.

With the restaurant overlooking the world famous Meydan Race Course, it is not the place to gallop through your meal. You are encouraged to take your time over your meal, with the steady professional service by the impeccable waiting staff, who are there to advise you on your choice of food, and which drink is best to accompany your meal if you need help.

There are non steak main courses available, but the provenance of their meat in this restaurant dictates that you really must try the steak.

The sweet courses available are particularly sublime, with the crepe suzette being a particular favourite of our editors. These were cooked at their table side, and along with the Mousse au Chocolat and New York cheesecake that were on the menu, knowing which one to have is the most difficult choice that you will have to make all night.

After the meal you can relax in the cigar lounge with an alcoholic drink, in huge high back chairs reminiscent of what you would expect to find in an old fashioned gentleman’s club. The cigars on offer are of the upmost quality from Havana cigars to Montecristo cigars, a classic way to finish off your meal in style.

Prime is definitely a Must Do whilst in Dubai.