Rhodes W1

Cuisine: Contemporary European:



Rhodes W1 is Michelin Starred Gary Rhodes OBE’s latest Restaurant, Bar & Terrace at The Grosvenor House Hotel.

The first thing that strikes you is the contemporary take on an old Victorian garden restaurant with its muted whites and pastel yellow palette, coupled with its Flora and Fauna theme.   Altogether it’s very sophisticated whilst still being casual and leaving the emphasis on the real reason you’re there, the food.

The  décor also extends outside to the restaurant’s wrap-around terrace area with its spectacular views of Dubai Marina.

Chef Gary is renowned for not only his food but also his quality of service. Well there’s no disappointment here either as the staff are some of the most Genuinely polite and Knowledgeable that we have ever encountered during any of our reviews.  Most Interestingly and Refreshing of all they are deeply Passionate about the food they are serving.

Now does the food live up to the hype or is it like some other Celebrity chef offerings that never truly meet expectations? ….

Oh Yes, it does.

The menu is again something Chef Gary is renowned for, which is taking mostly British classic cuisine and putting his own modern twist on it.  Having said that, it is hard to see with some dishes what that twist is, as until you taste the food for yourself it can be hard to see why it’s rated as being so special. And that’s Gary’s trick here or should we say Skill…  you have to taste it, only then does Gary’s own words make full sense.

“I’m a firm believer that the most delicious food is created when you get the very best ingredients you can find and do as little to them as possible.”

You see the twist turns out to not be a twist at all, at least not in the normal chefy way of adding some weird and wonderful new ingredient, but by going back to the original foundations of Great British recipes and cooking methods that became almost lost due to the world wars. Couple all of this with spectacular ingredients and Gary’s total attention to detail and you have the winning recipe that is RW1.

 “With Rhodes W1, we’ve listened to customer demand and made the conscious decision to focus on serving up our interpretation of hearty, nostalgic dishes, that diners will remember so well from their childhood. The new concept gives dinner control on how little or how much ever they want to eat” Gary Rhodes OBE

Every dish we tried was great (ten in total) and many were absolutely spectacular.  It’s really strange and hard to explain how a dish that’s so well known to you can seem to taste like something your experiencing for the very first time, yet still feel familiar.


The great taste experience doesn’t stop at the food either, there is a great selection of signature cocktails and mocktails on offer, along with the normal array of wines and spirits.

This restaurant really should be on our Must Do section of things to do when in Dubai. It’s firmly on all of our personal lists.

We will have to disagree with Gary’s comments on one thing, we won’t remember these dishes anymore from our childhood… We will only remember them from our visit to Rhodes W1.