Dubai has many tourist attractions; however shopping in Dubai is one of the major attractions. Dubai sees a huge amount of tourists who come specifically for the shopping. It has low import duties which means some of the top brands are often the lowest prices in the world. There are many designer shopping Malls and Souks which specialise in gold, fashion, food and electronics. Besides the shopping and souks, shopping in Dubai can be done at the duty free shops. Dubai airport duty free shop is ranked among the largest duty free shop in the world.

Dubai is the most advanced city in the Middle East, and is said to be the shopping capital of the world. There are as many as 20 major shopping malls in Dubai where you can purchase gold, jewellery, carpets, handicrafts, textiles, perfumes and many other goods.

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Times Square

Community mall with electronics & home furnishing.


Oasis Centre

Many different brands available within it’s retailing area.