ShuiQi Spa

ShuiQi Spa & Fitness, Atlantis

The Atlantis Hotel resort is one of the largest and most popular locations in Dubai for visitors, so as with all things in Dubai size and quality is everything particularly here at Atlantis.

Billed as “A Journey into Another World” the ShuiQi Spa and Fitness centre is set over two floors of the Royal Towers of Atlantis. The emphasis is on being a tranquil area that provides its visitors with peace, opulence and soothing therapies that will have you leaving feeling totally relaxed and pampered. The spa provides a huge number of treatments including water therapies. Bathing options as well as the traditional therapies that you would find elsewhere in regular spas. This is not your regular spa, far from it. You notice this as you make your way along the streaming water paths to the various treatment rooms, 27 in total.

All of the “spa hosts” are fully qualified and experienced in all of the treatments available and will help you to decide what treatments you want, as well as explaining in great depth what each and every treatment involves, and if required they will help you decide and compile your own itinerary that you wish to take in for the ultimate indulgence Shiseido Signature Treatments are highly recommended and are very popular due to being thought of as the ultimate relaxation process

The Face and Body Experience is perfect for both male and female and consists of a number of treatments that lasts for two and a half hours. This starts with the Kuroho Body Bliss, which is a thorough body exfoliation and cleanse that will leave your body exquisitely smooth. A relaxing Qi body massage and unique facial follow this to make you feel as pampered as a prince or princess. All of this while experiencing the wonderful fragrance of Ylang, Rose and Jasmine which act as a calming factor within the spa experience. This is finished off at the end by providing a refreshment of Jasmine tea which is subtly sweet and highly fragrant and the perfect finale to your treatment.

The other signature treatment is the Japanese Ritual, which is a four hour private spa treatment that will provide the basis to slip away from all the normal daily duties that you have to perform in your life. Starting with an infused rose petal bath which will relax you and start the journey of your sublime treatment, following this is a Japanese body bath which prepares you and your mind for one of the most relaxing full body Qi massages that you will ever experience. This is followed by one of Shiseido’s premium facial treatments which has a male and female option, ‘Future Solution LX Facial Ceremony’ for her, and for him, the ‘Time Fighting Facial’ which includes an intense but memorable scalp massage. Concluding with refreshments indicative of Japan, Sushi and Japanese green tea to leave you feeling fully relaxed and not with an empty stomach.

Although some may think that these signature treatments are not for men, you would be surprised of how popular they are with both men and women.

Such is the sheer scale of other treatments that it would take an age to list all of the options available with over a dozen types of facial treatments, more than ten types of body scrub and massage treatments and three different types of bathing ceremonies it really is best to look at their website to get a full flavour of what is on offer and what the individual treatments involve. We are yet to find or hear a bad review on the spa and considering what is provided here, we feel that we never will. This is the ultimate of Spa’s that are in Dubai, and that is testament to the effort and detail that the resort have put into it, coupled with the experienced staff here it makes for a pretty spectacular experience, whether you are there for one small treatment or a half days pure indulgence.

ShuiQi Spa