The Talise Ottoman Spa

The opulence of this exquisite spa is obvious before you even enter it. You are greeted at the entrance by a pair of huge hand carved turquoise doors within the equally luxurious Jumeirah Zabeel Saray Hotel. The Talise Ottoman Spa has drawn a number of accolades in recent years within the industry, such as being awarded the title of the ‘UAE’s Leading Spa Resort’ by the World Travel Awards in consecutive years in 2011 and 2012, which is no mean feat considering the number of spa resorts found within the United Arab Emirates. The majority of the spa’s found in Dubai are of the highest standards and are used as a benchmark for the top hotels and resorts around the world. This is testament to all that is good in the thought process and emphasis that every architect and owner places on the construction of the hotel, to ensure that the future guests at the hotel are surrounded with the best equipment and facilities that can be provided.

The experience that you will receive at the Talise Ottoman Spa is like no other. State of the art equipment within the spa include a mind boggling 42 treatment rooms, floating baths, steam rooms, saunas, snow rooms, two thalassotherapy pools (Thalassotherapy is an age old treatment that is said to help resolve many aches and pains) as well as eight hydrotherapy rooms. As you can imagine, all of these facilities will provide you with the ultimate relaxation aid, however, it might also cause you to have a headache just thinking about what options to take up. You would need to be staying at the hotel for a number of days, if not weeks, to be able to fit absolutely every treatment and combination in.

Considered to be the main part and centrepiece of this spa is the captivating and spectacular Turkish hammam which is built from marble, whilst tastefully decorated with mosaics, murals and a number of different varieties of dark wood. The reason for such emphasis placed upon the building and decoration of a hammam, is down to tradition from over many century’s ago where it was seen as a focal point, the perfect place to meet up, relax and experience true indulgence.

We advise you to take a look at the extensive list on the spa section of the hotel’s website, to plan ahead as to what appeals to you. From massage to facials to body scrubs, there are a total of 50 listed treatments as well as packages that you can request and design. The options here are seemingly endless and to decide what you want will take a while to do so. It is highly recommended that you view the treatments menu on their website to give you an idea of what you want before arriving at the spa. The spa technicians are there to help and advise you with your desired treatments and you are best to call upon their experience if you are unsure of what the treatment entails to see that it suits your needs.