Balloon Adventures Emirates

An inspiring and magnificent way to see the real Dubai. This is an opportunity that is not offered anywhere else in Dubai, to navigate over the Arabian Desert and its an early riser’s tour departing at 05:45 hrs for an hour’s flight. You will be collected from the hotel an hour earlier and taken to the flight station where you will watch the preparation procedure prior to take off, then you will climb aboard for your flight. The early start is well worth the lack of sleep as the views more than make up for the inconvenience.

This Balloon company is the most experienced in their field and operate in various countries around the world: Hungary, Germany and New Zealand.

Their professional staff navigate you through the air and the staff on the ground follow you to make sure passenger safety remains paramount whilst keeping a constant eye on your course. The team work involved is second to none and is like a marriage made in heaven, it has to be.

Balloon Adventures Emirates LLC is licensed by the General Civil Aviation Authority (Air Operator’s Certificate AT024) and all balloons undergo a strict maintenance programme involving regular tests.
The expertise shown by the company is truly immense. The flight takes a route into the heart of the desert where you will drift over the wildlife and desert people below.

The balloon’s base is in the desert located north of Al Ain which is about an hour’s drive from Dubai. It is a remote area which is literally in the middle of the desert. Based on the weather conditions ensure that you wear casual comfortable clothing with an extra layer of clothing such as a jacket jumper or cardigan. For the ladies a skirt or a dress is advised against as these will get in the way. Due to the heat of the sun a hat or cap is also advisable, as well as trainers or plimsolls. Make sure you take a camcorder or camera to take a memory of your tour.