Camel Safari

The giant sand dunes of Dubai are the perfect way to unwind and wrap you in the culture of travelling through the desert on the back of a camel. The desert offers many unrecognised activities that the locals have turned into part of the now extreme tourism attractions that you would not expect to experience. You may have thought that all you would get in the desert is dehydration, sun burns and miles of boredom, you would be wrong.

The Bactrian camel is the one you may have seen in films with its distinctive double hump that has been utilised to provide an income for the tourist trade and to give the local experience of the tribesman and the history of the desert. Riding a camel is a lot more fun than horse riding as you are in a higher seated position which makes the ride more exhilarating which is why it was turned into a sport of the UAE.

The options open to taking an excursion on the back of a camel is simple a few hours or a whole day, you will be given instructions and become familiar with the animals as you will be spending quite a few hours with the camels.

Most people tend to do a whole day and start off in the afternoon after the hottest point of the day and combine the thrill of seeing the sunset and taking once in a lifetime photos of the horizon bowing down in a haze of orange and red, these will be pictures you would normally only see in a magazine, not in a holiday photo album.