Dubai Autodrome

Dubai Autodrome

On the list of things that most boys dreamt about doing when they were older, was possibly to be a racing driver. For the vast majority of them this was just a childhood dream. With the Dubai Autodrome this is the chance to fulfil the dream of racing a high powered vehicle on a racetrack that is as good as it gets.

The opportunity to let your hair down and experience the thrills and spills of high speed racing legally is available here. Racing the high powered cars that most people cannot afford and sliding around a race track under supervision is achieved on organised race days. For the lucky few that own high powered sports cars, it can be arranged for you to use your own car on race days providing that it is a standard roadworthy vehicle. Motorbikes are also allowed on the track, however the Autodrome does not supply bikes on site for the purpose.

The cars that are supplied for use on the track range from the Subaru Impreza, Audi V8 through to the single seat race cars.The chances of many people saying that they have driven a single seater race car around a professional race track are remote, the Dubai Autodrome gives you the opportunity to do this as well as giving you a fun day out. It becomes addictive wanting to revisit time and time again,due to the adrenaline rush that you get on the track or simply getting behind the wheel of the cars. This can prove to be an expensive hobby, but an exciting hobby.

As well as living the dream of your early years , it will also satisfy the older kid inside us by allowing regular visits to improve your lap record time, to meet with fellow want to be racers and to give you the thrill that can only be found on the track.

The Autodrome is also set up to provide teenagers their first driving experience with off road training with organised “first time drivers” driving and training sessions which are aimed at the first time driver aged 12-18 years old. This ideal for the progression into learning the basics prior to having on the road driving lessons. There are half day sessions and a “first drive summer camp” which takes place on half days for four consecutive days after which certificates are given which will aid your progression in driving towards your “on road”lessons and test.

There is a racing academy at the Autodrome that has the potential to find or produce the next formula one champion, or possibly to discover a racing driver of the future that would be able to achieve great things behind the wheel of the many other racing categories within the sport. This is only possible due to the professionalism of the academy that is staffed by highly qualified instructors, His Highness Crown Prince of Dubai Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoumis is patron here which ensures that high standards are met. 
The Autodrome also has a karting track for the younger drivers to progress from, in preparation for moving to the main track. This is how all Formula one drivers started out at such a young age.

The age group catered for is 7 and above. The facilities here are second to none at the Kartdrome with its 1.2km track that can be arranged as two separate tracks. The karts that are supplied here, are by Sodicart which provide 390cc and 13.5hp which is in itself thrilling and exhilarating, being so close to the ground and throwing it around 17 corners, through a tunnel and over a bridge jostling for the best position and ultimately trying to win against up to 23 other fellow racers, The Kartdrome track is floodlit so night racing is possible.

Such is the popularity of the Karting facility, you are able to pay by the day or if you are lucky enough to afford a year’s membership, included in the price is your own Kart “locker”, where you can store your own kart (if you are lucky enough to own one) which saves the transportation back and forth to your home.

The main track is limited to a minimum age of 18 who hold a valid drivers license. All drivers must wear suitable clothing that cannot get caught up in the mechanisms of the cars.
Due to the complex building work that took place based on a clever blueprint, the circuit has six combinations of track layout allowing safely coordinated multiple circuits to run at the same time.

The circuit had to be built according to some very stringent safety regulations, including wide run-off areas around the track. The CCTV system around the Autodrome covers every metre of track and is able to be viewed on screen and videoed from the racing control room.
The ultimate aim of the Autodrome would be to hold a Formula One Grand Prix race here. The sheer commitment of the staff,the work and the ethics here, to uphold the incredibly high standards that are expected at the Autodrome are in line with the FIA regulations to hold a Grand Prix in Dubai. Such is the quality of the Autodrome, the experience of the many people that work here and the challenging race track, we can foresee that within 5 years that a Grand Prix will take place here.

The 5.39km track was sanctioned by the FIA and opened in 2004.It is one of the most modern yet challenging tracks in the world with its combination of high and low speed corners and extremely high speed straight sections.

This track was built with holding a Grand Prix in mind, as well as being an operating centre of excellence for the sport of driving. For a Grand Prix to be sanctioned in Dubai, the greatest show and spectacle in F1 racing would no doubt be laid on for the many that would visit Dubai’s race as well as the many millions across the globe watching the race on the television.

Behind the scene facilities include race/safety control room, stewards room, drivers pit garages, media suite and a world class medical centre that is there for major event emergencies. As well as luxuriously designed VIP suites for race day hospitality where the track action of the cars passing you are only meters away.

This is truly a fabulous day out for the whole family with the chance of a life time to make dreams come true.

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