Dune & Wadi Bashing

There are two main types of vehicle activities in Dubai, that which will thrill you and get your adrenalin pumping in the searing heat and tranquillity of the desert.

1. Dune bashing by dune buggy.
The closest you will get to taking part in the Paris to Dakar rally, is tackling the immense and numerous sand dunes is a special adapted dune buggy. This is a half day activity where you will be driven to the desert where the buggies are located and waiting to take you on a breathtaking mind blowing drive of a lifetime that is a dream for all petrol heads. These 700 cc dune buggies are awesome to drive, in what can only be described as a drag racer on sand.

The sheer acceleration and bounciness over the sand is exhausting, exhilarating and thoroughly enjoyable
You will be given a basic safety and handling briefing, where you will be taught the basics of handling the vehicle in sand and how to handle the vehicle over dunes, you will also be given information about what you can and cannot do, which it is important that you listen and understand as this is a dangerous environment in a high powered machine that could cause you and others injury if not handled correctly. It is of paramount importance that you listen and understand to the instructions as you will be expected to sign a disclaimer waiver to that effect before you are allowed to start the activity. Once all the formalities are complete, you will then head off in a group together to explore the desert in these awesome buggies that have been adapted specifically for the desert.

Safety and comfort is of paramount importance. The buggies are fitted with full roll cages, comfy bucket seats and full safety harnesses fitted as standard, helmet and goggles are provided. You will get the chance if you feel confident enough, to lead the group in what seems like an adult game of follow the leader, whilst enjoying the thrill of these spectacular machines that will only ever be experienced over sand.

2. Wadi bashing and dune bashing 4×4 vehicles
“What is a Wadi”? Most tourists ask!
A Wadi is a dried up river bed, that exposes the natural sediment of the seasonal flowing water including rocks, tree stumps, small pools of water and mud. The seasonal flow of water and floods, as with all rivers, carves a course through rocky terrains in its bid to travel through the valley. This has been happening for thousands of years, so the process is never ending and will obviously widen and deepen and change the Wadi’s look and feel each time the process happens.

If you fancy the comfort of an enclosed vehicle where you can have music on to keep you company, whilst being kept cool by air conditioning, then the Toyota 4×4 land cruisers will be ideal for you to take on the most challenging sand dunes before tackling the dried up river beds (Wadi bashing). The dune bashing is more extreme than the buggies, as these 4×4’s are standard road use vehicles with up rated suspension to tackle the river beds as well, making this a desert multi use vehicle.

Wadi bashing is similar to an off road 4×4 track, with the exception that the dried up river beds (Wadi’s) are so extreme that you will need to be guided through them. Traditionally, Wadi bashing is very extreme and only those that are confident enough should attempt this, however the training and tuition given should allow anyone to tackle this unforgettable experience. Remember to take with you some water, a hat and sunglasses with you, everything else is provided as standard.

Wadi bashing takes you through mountain passes and trails. Some of the trails actually lead past water pools or water falls where you can stop to have a cool dip, whilst surrounded by the incredible sight of the mountains and huge sand dunes in the distance. You may be lucky enough to pass by Bedou villages where you will get a greeting from the local tribe as you travel along. One of the popular routes taken is through the Hajar Mountains, where the scenery is spectacular and the tracks extreme and challenging.
The best time of year for Wadi bashing, is between the months of April and October due to the drought drying these beds up and being safe enough to navigate through.

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