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Have you ever wondered what it feels like to jump out of a plane and skydive? Well, the ideal opportunity is here in Dubai located at the Mirdif City Centre Mall. Inside you will find the “iFLY” Dubai indoor skydiving centre and spread over 773sqm , and is the region’s first dual indoor skydiving tunnels in a mall. This allows you to experience skydiving as if you had jumped from a plane. The skydiving centre is see through which allows friends, family and intrigued shoppers to watch how it is done. This is a great advertising tool for “iFLY”, as many people wouldn’t contemplate doing it until they see how much fun it is for themselves.

The see-through columns are made up of 2 giant acrylic tubes, which span 10 meters high and 3 meters wide each. Each tunnel is fitted with two 3ft fans in each column, providing a massive 800hp of wind which can reach a lifting speed of up to 200kmh and the strength of the wind is completely controllable. This unique experience is powerful and safe enough to have a capacity of 12 people flying at the same time.

To experience this most exciting skydiving sensation, is a fabulous way to know how it feels to jump from a plane, without the worry of wondering if your parachute is going to open for you. The equipment is subject to a huge number of pre checks before allowing people inside it, to ensure full health and safety and knowledge of the equipment.

The initial session provided, is a 35minute first time lesson which demonstrates the basic procedures of how to fly. Once you have learnt the basics you will then “fly” for 2 minutes with the professional instructor. No doubt when you have had a number of lessons you will be able to perform tucks, turns and somersaults etc. For an extra charge you can have your experience recorded in a photograph or onto a dvd for a memento, as most of your friends will never believe that you have flown inside a shopping mall.

This fun activity is open to all ages from as young as 5 years old, as you do not need any previous experience due to full training being given, although due to the nature of what is involved at “iFLY”, there are some exclusions that you need to check out and comply with, for your safety and those around you.

This activity is as much fun for adults as well as children, as let’s face it, the majority of us have been dreaming since we were children about having the ability to fly.
Included in the cost of the experience are the Flight suit, Goggles, Helmet, Ear plugs, Socks and Shoes plus and a locker to store you own clothes in whilst flying.

The Operating hours of iFLY are: 
Saturday to Wednesday 10:00h – 23:00h; Thursday & Friday 10:00h – 24:00h

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