The Palm Jumeirah


You wouldn’t go to Paris without visiting The Eiffel Tower or to New York without visiting The Empire State Building would you?…  No, and you cant go to Dubai without visiting The Palm Jumeirah.  Although still a little way from completion The Palm already rates as a marvel of the 21st century and proof of what can be accomplished when you won’t accept the philosophy of ‘Cant be done’

In the year 2000, Dubai was fast becoming one of the most exciting and rapidly growing holiday destinations in the world. This provided Dubai with its own challenge. The huge demands of the increased visitors made it perfectly clear that the Dubai coastline could not cope with the increased number of visitors.

It was proposed to build an artificial circular island offshore. HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum then put forward his vision of building an island in the shape of a palm leaf that would maximise the beach area and also to become a vision of beauty.

Palm Jumeirah has ensured that everything you need and expect of this artificial island, off the coast of the Jumeirah coast of Dubai is provided, to ensure that everyone has something to enjoy on their holiday of a lifetime.

Palm Jumeirah is already amongst the most exclusive places to visit in the world just for the sheer experience of being on what was once the ocean. There are already a wide range of shops, resorts, hotels and attractions open with much more planned for the years to come.  The golden mile along with the shopping mall will soon be awash with retail outlets, of the most luxurious kind.

Providing access to the island is a state of the art monorail system. This is 5.4km long, and runs between the gateway station at the trunk of Palm Jumeirah, and the Atlantis Station on the crescent, with a number of stops in between. This system was needed to provide access on and off of the island and is capable of transporting 6000 people a day at full capacity. These days’ people live in the many luxury and exclusive homes that have been built along the 16 fronds of Palm Jumeirah, as well as on the 11 kilometre crescent that surrounds the palm.

With the island built on sand and natural rock, surrounded by coral reef, Jumeirah is quickly becoming the perfect place to visit, live or holiday on. The impressive sunsets are unrivalled and are always a welcome sight at the end of a hard days shopping or a full day’s entertainment that may involve visiting the fabulous beaches, experiencing the water sports, theme parks and the many luxury restaurants available.

Possibly the most exclusive and complete resort to stay at is Atlantis, The Palm that is an ocean themed centre (which we heavily feature and explore on this site.)

The resort caters for families, couples and friends and features a 42 acre Aquaventure water park which consists of Aquaventure, Dolphin bay, the Lost Chambers and the dive centre where you can scuba dive amongst the aquatic creatures found in the lagoon.

At night the bars and clubs come alive to provide you with a different type of entertainment, and a star filled night at the open restaurants where you can eat and drink under the stars whilst listening to the Arabian Gulf water lapping up on the beach. This is a truly exciting place to be, and to experience everything on offer is a must do in our opinion. The options are truly never ending.