Sea Wings

Soar high above the magnificence that is Dubai with Seawings Dubai’s only seaplane tour.
Seawings gives you the ride of a lifetime on your holiday of a lifetime and memories that will last a lifetime; if you thought Dubai was amazing from the ground wait till you see it from the seat of your Seawings tour.

Once a booking is made you can also book for other events available such as sailing, golf, and even dining. There is a choice of 3 levels of tours and 2 custom charters to choose from so there is something for everyones taste and pocket.
Don’t forget your passports. (You will not be allowed to travel without your passport due to the close borders of other countries.)

The Cabins are first class in there fittings with beautifully upholstered and comfortable seats. Once seated in the plane you will taxi down the water runway and take off, as you feel the plane tilt slightly backwards and the nose lift off the water, you may think that the ride would be bumpy as with tarmac runways but the ride is actually incredibly smooth. You will then hear and feel the spray stop as you then feel the plane climb high up into the sky, after a few minutes Dubai will appear out of your windows down below, you will not know what to catch on camera first such is the jungle of buildings down below, make sure you have enough film in or room on your camera for many pictures, as you will not stop snapping away or wowing at the views you will see.

The enormous entities of the Palm Island are immense as are the world Islands, the Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa and the many golf courses to be found, just to name a few of the tourist attractions, that are both huge in stature and architectural magnificence.

Once you land the plane gently aquaplanes to a soft halt where the ground staff and customer service staff will be there to greet you, to present you with your certificate of flying (which is a nice finishing touch on your 40 minute flight) and also to answer any questions. They will listen to your comment and offer to take your photo on or by the plane to sell you as a further souvenir.
You can book the flight as a personal “family” flight only if you wish, for which you will have to pay for but money may not be the issue, as the tranquillity and beauty of the flight outweighs the cost.