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The Yellow Boats

There’s not many better way to explore Dubai’s ever increasing skyline than by being out on to the water.

Although there are many water options available in Dubai for sightseeing from the water none of them off the same exhilarating roller-coaster ride that the Yellow Boats can offer.

You’ll head out from Dubai Marina on this 75 or 90-minute tour that takes you on a sightseeing adventure to see Dubai from the water.

You will be on a guided tour of sights that simply can’t be viewed by road. These Yellow Boats give you front-row seats to some truly stunning vistas on offer here. You have a choice from a range of exhilarating tours. Each tour will allow you to get up close and personal to the magnificent skyline and sights around the Dubai.

Whether you have a need for speed and adventure, a genuine love for the region’s wonders or simply an occasion that needs to be celebrated, the Yellow Boats deliver in style.

They use top-of-the-line craft with the ability to slice through the waters at speed in virtually any weather. The Yellow Boats are geared towards satisfying corporate excursions as well as family and social engagements where the onus is on having fun!

The Yellow Boats are top-of-the-line rigid inflatable crafts powered by the latest generation eco-friendly engines, manufactured to exacting specifications and capable of reaching thrilling speeds. In terms of safety, these boats are manned by experienced and fully qualified boat crews. Furthermore, each boat comes equipped with the latest GPS navigation and safety equipment, assuring that the ride of your life turns out to be a smooth and safe one.

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